Golden Leave-In Repair


This is ML's ultimate product: designed to provide you with the best ingredients to treat and hydrate your hair as you style. In this product you will find the well known ingredients (shine, hydratation) of African Argan oil and Shea butter blended with the rare Sea buckthorn seed oil and Rosehip oil. These exquisite oils  protect cells from oxidative damage and aids in collagen production (rich in Vitamins A, B, C, E, & K) therefore promoting strength and elasticity for your hair. The addition of Rice water will also promote growth, repair and add vitality. The hydratation of your  hair and scalp will greatly benefit from the combined action of Aloe vera and  Hyaluronic acid, reducing fizziness at the same time. Finally, Apple cider vinegar  brings hair and scalp health back into balance. This product combines the best ingredients to provide you with the ultimate tool to give your hair and scalp what they have always  deserved.