Waxed Thread - African Banding/Threading


STRETCHING Afro and Curly hair hair is always a beautiful option.

African Banding/Threading is a NO heat hair-stretching method that has been used in West Africa for centuries.

It is equivalent to blowdrying!

You may also use it to style the hair.



90 meters waxed excellent quality thread that is reusable.

0.8mm thickness

Black colour



Wrap our glossy waxed thread around the length of your hair in small sections, keeping it tight and tout while wrapping. Leave for at least 24hrs before unraveling. 

Enjoy your blown-out look


NO heat

Unlike heat-styling you can use deeply moisturising products before the stretching step. Try the NO silicone organic shea butter Leave-in conditioner:

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Or our Castor oil sealing salve <a>https://moistureloverhair.com/produc…/castor-oil-edges-salve</a>